Tuesday 21 October 2014

Where I sew

Recently I've enjoyed various blog posts by people sharing their sewing space - the most enviable of which feature well organised stash storage, copious natural light and usually a nifty little Ikea trolley loaded with threads, scissors, rotary cutters and other essentials, all ready to be wheeled to wherever they are wanted.  Bliss.  

So I thought I'd redress the balance by sharing my current sewing space.  Here you go.

The sewing machine box is there so I can stand on it to take pictures, the plastic bag on the door handle is my scrap storage.  Most of the time the floor is my design wall - I have at least trained the family to walk around fabric piles on the floor.

I also have to admit that this is looking tidy for me, since I only seem to have a little pile of Two Hungry birds fabrics and my leftover satin shiny stuff out.  When I was making Little Elephant this whole area was knee deep (and I'm not talking metaphorically here).  

But the good bit is - I don't care!  I like my sewing machine up there between my Kitchenaid mixer and the cooker, I don't mind standing on the box for photos, and as for the mess, I've come to accept that it's just the way my mind works.  If things are too tidy then I can't find what I want, can't even work out what I want.  The mess somehow makes sense inside my head.  (And it was the same when I was doing academic work - my desk was a shambles but I could always put my hand to what I needed).  

Clearly I do clear away if I'm using the mixer or doing loads of cooking, but most of the time, this is the view. Enjoy (unless you're my mother in which case you should probably have stopped reading right at the beginning!)

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Micki @ 2 Dogs Studio said...

Love your honesty and photos. I am lucky enough to have a small bedroom where most of the fabric, rules, sewing machine etc live but my passion for quilting has extended out into my living room where there is a large wall that use as a design wall. I am a no-reply blogger (can't figure that out) but can contact me at micki@2dogsstudio.us

Unknown said...

Your mother has just read the lot. I thought, "Nothing changes." I think sometimes you cook in a different space.

Wendi said...

ROFL!!! I love this, right now my sewing space is in my guest bedroom while my hubby slowly finishes our basement so I can have a craft room. It can be a big mess sometimes :)

Mary Marcotte said...

I have a whole studio separate from the house: know how I got it? From living exactly like this! However,I spread out more and more as the boys moved out. Eventually Richard built the studio....he says it was in fear that he would be the next one out! It's the family joke but I love it (and the studio which looks exactly like your picture). Life is too short to worry about what others think. Enjoy it instead and live freely. (Sorry Kaja's mom but some minds just need a creative mess to function.)

floribunda said...

Do you sew standing up? I've been hearing from a few people about that recently and thought I might give it a try (next thing will be a sewing machine attached to a treadmill I guess!)

Love both of your bird quilts!

Stephie said...

Umm, that looks exactly like my kitchen! Especially the floor part!