Tuesday 3 December 2019

Sitting and staring

I am quilting as much as I can manage at the moment, since I have two quilts on the go.  One is still The Shipping Forecast, which is, it turns out, massive.  I get discouraged and put off going back to it, but that's no way to get it done.  I also have a lego quilt I need to get done, so I am alternating.  The lego blocks offer more encouragement since it's easy to gauge progress and I'm hoping it will gee me up a bit.

I have also been looking at this tiny pile of shirts for the best part of a week.
I had been thinking I would like to stick with the Trip Around the World thing for another quilt, but I'm not sure these are the right fabrics for that.  I have also been struggling with adding to my pile.  Eventually I came up with this:
but I know this is not enough fabric so I still need to find more.  There's also not yet enough variation in either pattern or tone to please me.  

One of the consequences of my changed buying patterns over the last 3 years is that my stash is smaller and sometimes that means I struggle to find a solution to a specific problem.  I am reflecting on this, as we belt towards year end.  I can't imagine abandoning my basic approach but either I need to consider investing a bit in rebuilding an organic stash or in holding a bigger stash of shirting.   I am wondering whether I might get some project boxes up and running, so that I could save a pile I like until such time as I find the extra it needs to progress to quilthood.  

In the meantime I will revisit my boxes one more time and maybe run around a charity shop or two, in the hope that I can find a solution.