Thursday 20 January 2022

Time, no space

 I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but currently have nowhere it is easy to piece (floors back to concrete, walls back to plaster, dust and mud all over the place).  I had thought I would just ride it out, but there's still a way to go.  Maybe I can come up with a project that I can manage in a tiny space.  All I've done so far is shuffle a lot of shirts around and come up with a couple of piles I quite like.

This one would be good to go.  I like the oranges and range of prints I have in this, and know there are other things I have that would fit if I need them.
This one probably needs a couple of additions before there's enough fabric there to be feasible, but I really like the stripy shirt second from the left and the fabrics on either end which both, by change, have cranes on them.
That stripe, which doesn't photograph well, has deep pink and green stripes in it as well as the creams and yellows, so there is plenty of room to expand the colour scheme if I need to.  

Of course I need to figure out what sort of starting point I feel like, which may well inform my decision over which pile to go with.  I may also see if I can track down something to add to the second pile and I guess that might make a difference too. 

Incidentally, I know this approach doesn't fit with the challenge I set for AHIQ this time around, but there's still time for that one.