Monday, 6 October 2014

Changing the subject for a moment

No birds for a couple of days, because I want to show the unblogged quilt I have been working on since April.  It was finished last week and went to its new home this weekend.  My lovely friends were happy with what I had made, and that made me happy too (and was a bit of a relief, since it's the first one I've done that's gone outside the immediate family).  They had very bravely set no limits on size or style or colour (except to say no pastels) but they wanted something that reflected who they were - or at least my interpretation of that.

I drew a sketch almost immediately (first time ever I'd done this) but it worked really well and the finished product is pretty much what I drew.  Lost the piece of paper, I'm afraid, but here's my fabric pull.  

And this is where it took me.


  1. Looks like a good scrap killer too. Great improved looking top!

  2. I love all these fabrics and colors. I will be a stunning quilt. Love to see it finished!
    Love from Amsterdam

  3. Love the colours, I've been searching for purples, so hard to find!

  4. You do improv very well ; )

  5. Your improvisational quilt is great. I like the colors, especially the greenish background.


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