Tuesday 23 August 2016

AHIQ- share your improv #12

I seem to have started myself on a tricky path.  These curvy blocks are taking ages and don't always work quite how I want them to.  I could be foundation piecing them, I guess, but don't seem to want to make all the decisions at the start, so am fumbling my way through the piecing.

Here's a less successful example:

Note to self: really should iron before taking photographs. 

Working with curves leaves lots of odd shaped little scraps so I am trying to use what I have rather than cutting straight from my yardage (or half-yardage).  I would usually try to include scrap I generated along the way, but it seems particularly important here since I don't want to get halfway through and discover I don't have any biggish pieces.

Monica has pointed out that people clicking through to the link-up from her blog will miss either Ann or me each time so I'm adding this post below.  Just explaining in case you think I've lost my marbles. :-)


Monica said...

Oh, Kaja, are you really going to keep matching those stripes? What a huge challenge! But it is a completely gorgeous block. Love the curves, love the bunting. Not what I expected when you started with the red, white & blue -- waay better. Great start!

Janie said...

What fun, Kaja. I love how you work. I don't have any AHIQ project to show. I'm getting ready to move to the east coast (from the west coast) to help my daughter with her new baby, due 1st of Oct. So my life right now is upside down.
But I will keep tuned in to see your progress here!

audrey said...

They may be tricky to sew, but they are looking amazing! Love the way your mind processes all the information. I think your way just makes for a more unique result.:)

Mary Marcotte said...

How the heck is this less successful? This one is pretty darn good! You are too hard on yourself and your work.

Now my improv link? It's crazy, I know, but I definitely had to figure it out as I went along...improv, right? LOL We really had fun with this project and I'm happy that my kiddos pushed me out of my comfort zone. And it turned out fantastic!

liniecat said...

Looks interesting and frustrating fun!
Although I have an urge to slice it into 4 pieces and see how all the thiswaynthats - look!!
Good job I'm not there lolol

Doris Perlhuhn said...

This looks so complicated but you managed it so well. Never would dare to try this. Love especcialy the colour combination. And yes, better ironing before :-)

Ann said...

I like this, especially the narrow curved strips. It reminds me of Tim Latimer's recent Suspension Bridge quilt.
Looking over my output I've usually made straight line blocks, rather than curved blocks. And as you said, it's because I hate to create so many scraps. But I'm going to get over it!

Lara B. said...

Doing improv with curves is quite a challenge Kaja! I like the way the pieces are shaping up! So intricate!