Saturday 7 May 2016

Saturday photos #63

Today I am mostly trying to set up a new computer: the old one has not quite died but is staggering along in such a pitiful way that I have taken the plunge. So these are shots from a couple of weeks ago.  I took loads of photos but fish don't ever stop moving, so mostly I just ended up with blur.  These are pretty though.

I'm linking up with Wandering Camera at Soma's this week too.


Mary Marcotte said...

Love those colors and that you can see through the jellyfish. Have you ever wondered how these can swim upside down? Since they don't have eyes, how do they know where they are or where they're going? I know, I still ask the questions of a two-year-old. Although I read all the time it seems, I still have questions; besides, sometimes getting an answer only drives more (different) questions!

September Violets said...

These are great photos of the jelly fish. They look so magical with the blue background and lights shining on them. I peeked down at the quilt you just finished too ... it's beautiful! I love all the little details you added within the blocks. Much nicer than a simple circle and square pattern ;)
Have a great day!

liniecat said...

Stunning colours and exquisite little feeler-ry things!

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

Trust me it's a compliment if I say these are great blue photos !! Good luck with the computer

Lara B. said...

Although I'm sure you weren't wearing a scuba suit and exploring the depths of the ocean with your camera, your photos really convey that feeling Kaja. Beautiful images!

Soma @ said...

I am with Lara on this one. Such lovely shades of blues in those photos, Kaja! Absolutely stunning!