Wednesday 30 September 2015


I'm still working on the denim, which after all the comments about my red circles looking like the moon earlier in the week, is going to be called Eclipse, I think.  I've been stitching on the extra bits, which has taken ages, as I've resorted to doing it mostly by hand now, rather than with the machine.

I took this photo first.  Usually I wouldn't keep anything with so many shadows but it is the last day of September and the sun is shining, so I kept it.

I'm not intending to make it any bigger, but at the moment think I might keep the uneven edges (though maybe I'll take a bit off the top left hand piece).  It will make it harder to back and bind - not sure how I'll do any of that anyway - but I like how it looks.

So now back to stitching - I've got some patches to add, holes to mend, and a pocket to sew on somewhere.  


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

This project has really grown! It is going to make for one heavy quilt.

Janie said...

I like the top photo with the shadows, I think sun and shadow add interest and show color in a different natural way.
You project is turning into a journey and that's what makes it worthwhile.

Soma @ said...

I really like the top photo with the shadows. The slanted lines softens your denim work even more.


LA Paylor said...

your art gets so big! I see a woman in the bottom right quadrant... with a square mask over her eyes? see? at least in the picture I see it, probably doesn't show in real life

Mary Marcotte said...

Let me help you with that sun/shadow picture--we call that chiaroscuro in literary circles, and I've heard it's a thing in art as well. I agree that the photo looks great--I love the way the shadows are angular to the quilt top. The uneven edges are interesting and very artful, but yes, binding will require cutting on the bias and some finiggling but you're up to the job.

JanineMarie said...

I love how this piece looks totally different depending on whether you are looking at it from far or close up. This is my eclipse for the week. We were all set to view the lunar eclipse during our vacation this week, but the clouds moved in.