Tuesday 22 September 2015

AHIQ - square play

Since I have challenged other people to have a play, I thought I would try it too, so here's a quick gallop through what I've been up to.  I wanted to stick with squares, since they've been a bit of a theme for me in the last couple of projects, but decided to go small, mostly because there were lots of little bits sitting on the table anyway. Sometimes it pays to be a messy worker!

I started off cutting some squares, about 1.5 inches in size (you can always take it as read with me that they were squarish rather than precise and that the measurement was taken retrospectively) and sewing them into strips.  After a bit I got twitchy doing the same thing over and over, so the squares got a bit bigger and every so often I added a tiny insert.  

After a bit I had a load of little strings, like these:

I tried out various backgrounds

but ended up stitching them together into bigger pieces

then looking at some other possibilities.

I liked the pink, but went with the grey, but rotated so that the pattern ran horizontally.

Then I just threw caution to the wind (that's the beauty of play) and did some slicing and dicing:

And now it's sitting on the grey again, which I like.

This may go no further, but it's good clean fun and keeps me off the streets. 

Don't forget, this time next week is the first AHIQ linky party - you can post any thing improv; it doesn't have to be linked to the 'why don't you try this?' posts. I'm really excited to see what people have been up to.


Unknown said...

You had a more profitable Monday than I had. None of my threads were the right colours. I wait for the post and the next delivery of stuff I've ordered.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I like how the gray is being repeated, and I especially like the repeat of the bicycle print here and there. :)

em's scrapbag said...

Bright and playful! Very fun!

Mystic Quilter said...

Very bright and colourful, I do love the little inserts and I like them on the gray.

Jayne said...

Really pretty! It's always fun playing with scraps! It looks like a beautiful mini quilt to me!

Lisa J. said...

I'm liking the green polka dots and the slicing and dicing.

LA Paylor said...

what fun to catch up a bit on your life... first the little beach houses?? adorable picture. I like several of the show quilts including melody johnsons. Congrats on wall two finish! Looks great. You have a definable style. Leeanna

Ann said...

The grey makes your little squarers pop although I'd probably have stopped at the white with small circles. You and Audrey have both shown adorable quilts with these small squares sewn together. I may need to get my scraps out and try one, too. Very enticing.

Lynnwa said...

As usual I love what you do. I also love just sitting down and doing it to see how it comes out. I love that gray fabric, do you know the name of it? m y w e e dox at century t e l dot n e t

Lara B. said...

"A quick gallop through" LOL
This looks like a lot of fun playing Kaja! I love bright colors against grey and neutral backgrounds, so liked your eventual choice the best of all.
Here's to more "keeping you off the streets" hahahaha.