Monday, 23 May 2016

Just picking colours

I have finished a quilt today, but haven't taken the photos yet, so by way of a little light fun have just been choosing the starting fabrics for lighthouse no. 3.  I find I am pulling either a selection for the sea or the sky and once that's clear in my mind I work out what will go with that initial set.  It's a slightly different way of working for me, but I am enjoying it, though I'm still wondering where it will all lead.  In the meantime, though, here's some pretty fabrics..

I like the yellow-y grunge so much I think it deserves a quilt of its own at some point.  

On another subject, a reminder that the next AHIQ link up starts tomorrow and that you can join in here, or over at Ann's.

I'll link up with Monday Making at Love Laugh Quilt this time round.


  1. Nice collection of fabrics here for No 3, and I do like the "grunge" fabric!

  2. oh yes the yellow grunge is good. I like all the grunge fabrics

  3. I like watching you pick fabric for these free pieced lighthouses . . .

  4. It's always fun to see how you do a fabric pull Kaja!

  5. Great fabric for sky and water... (must go look at previous light houses...) I spent a day last week viewing light houses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. One was all brick instead of the painted lights. Just took a look. Great idea. You might want to look at the lights in Maryland -- both ocean ones and bay ones -- to get some other shape ideas. There is one that is actually more short and squat instead of tall and thin.

  6. I love the grunge too! A good colour for some sand perhaps... although of course most lighthouses are on the rocks :D You've definitely got some great prints there - lots of movement for the sea and sky.


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