Monday, 16 May 2016

Heading for the top

This lighthouse is well on its way now - just the top section to do and I can sew the all the bits together.

I have been playing around with sky-ish backgrounds: these are the candidates, but I've played around with the order quite a bit...

And here's the next-to-top section...

Once it is pieced, the next question for me is what I do with it.  This is quite big, despite me resizing the bits - it will finish about 30"long, I think, and somewhere around 25" wide, so it wouldn't take many to make a quilt, especially if I mixed them up with something else.  Alternatively I could make some smaller ones to add into the mix.  Not sure.

While I ponder I am linking up with Monday Making at Love, Laugh, Quilt.


  1. I like where this is headed. The sky fabrics look great.

  2. Your lighthouse is looking very good indeed! I love that fabric with the white birds.

    I think I've got to the point where I can just enjoy your project, without needing to try free-piecing too. I have an ambitious idea, but hopefully it can wait! Would you say that you are enjoying the process?

  3. I love it Kaja! So very much! Now I know how you like for things to be useful and not simply beautiful to look at ...what if you put what you have in a lower corner of the quilt and built the sky and the sea out from that until it was a lap size quilt?

  4. I just love the sky/bird fabric in the mix.

  5. What a treat to watch you build your lighthouse! I recently made one, too, so especially enjoy yours. And I had some of the navy with seagull fabric. I like how you used it.

  6. I really like all that blue and the pop of red, Kaja! The sky is beautiful.


  7. This is all coming together beautifully, you're going to have a really special free pieced quilt at the finish.

  8. Really great sky, it looks like it was painted on! Seagulls are a whimsical touch - blooming things were driving us nuts out here earlier on with their crying! (I love them really :) ) I wonder where your pondering will take you...


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