Monday, 7 September 2015

Wall's growing again

Now that I've got my extra fabric I am keen to get moving on the wall again, so have been working hard, both on making some extra stones and on getting the next chunk pieced.  I lost a bit of time when I was winding bobbins and my spool pin suddenly flew off the machine and disappeared.  It took me half the afternoon of sorting through the mess on my table to find it and then it wasn't in the fabric piles at all but on the floor, neatly wedged against the table leg and almost invisible.

Right now it's looking like this. It's still in 3 big chunks so when I finally sew them together I anticipate both the gold strips and the horizontal strips in the middle ending up thinner than they are at the moment.

Linking up again with Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.


  1. The Wall is looking good! Not far to go now, what size is it likely to be?

  2. I really like how this is looking and love having followed it to this stage!

  3. Love the color combinations, they really keep your eye moving across the layout.


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