Thursday 31 July 2014

A hat

Many years ago, in another life entirely, I did quite a lot of machine embroidery.  My DD is clearing out her room at the moment and came upon this hat that I made for her when she was eight or nine.  It is quite simple, but was by far my favourite thing I made back then - though maybe that's just because she looked so cute!

This was made by laying tiny scraps of fabric, mostly silks on a Bondaweb base.  Sounds easier than it was, cos every time a kid flew past, my scraps also flew!  Once there were enough in place I ironed them down, a chunk at a time, then free machine spiralled all over the top in pretty variegated threads. There's also a bit of hand stitching - french knots maybe.  Once I had my fabric done, putting the hat together was the straightforward bit; it's just a circle and a bit strip.

I'm a bit vague because it was so long ago - you can tell how long by the grainy texture of the photos: they are from a film camera (remember those?) and have been scanned.

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Lara B. said...

Kaja, i can't tell if I am so smitten because your hat is so cool or because your daughter is so adorable! LOL

Kaja said...

She was cute, wasn't she? She's still lovely but, at 22, less cute!! The hat, on the other hand, still looks exactly the same.:-)

Ginx Craft said...

That is such a lovely hat. I just can't get to grips with machine embroidery.

Kaja said...

The fancier stuff takes practice but this is just little spirals - I bet you could do that.

laura west kong said...

Adorable! (Your daughter and the hat) I work with tiny bits, so understand completely how they fly.