Saturday 26 July 2014

Starting something new

Now this is not what was next on my list.  Far from it.  But my list is arbitrary and only in my head, so if I stray off course nobody knows or cares.  I started playing with the wax prints I posted a couple of weeks ago.  

This is usually how I start off - making a load of random bits.  Some might end up in the quilt as they are, others won't, or will be chopped into and changed. At the moment I am thinking I'm not quite happy with the colours - the orange-y tones are a bit too peachy.  I was imagining scorched earth, savannah, like the fabric third from the left on the line below, and these seem too polite somehow.  I'm not panicking as this is just the first pass, but back to stash to see what will help.

As usual, I'm linking up to Anything Goes Monday at Stitch by Stitch.


Lara B. said...

Hi Kaja. Wow what fabulous fabrics! They look great but also you are right about the peachy. You must have the most awesome clothesline in the county!

Kaja said...

I know, they look great on the line, don't they? It was really hot this week so I left them on the line for days, just because it made me happy seeing them there. Thanks for feedback on peachy colours, I really appreciate it; it's always helpful to get someone else's view on these things.

Lara B. said...

Well, I think you have amazing color sense and a wonderfully unique bent for choosing fabrics! I wish I could have you here, peering over my shoulder to give me advice on color and pattern!

Kaja said...

Wow, what a nice thing to say - thank you!