Tuesday, 1 May 2018


One of my weaknesses as a quilter is that I can waste time trying to make something work when I know it's not really right.  So I filled in the left hand edge with gold.  Didn't like it.  Or rather, I like the fabric a lot (never could resist a bit of sparkle), but this was just too much.  
So I added in another row of geese, another little slice of wedge. 
Obviously I would have ironed and trimmed, but  I still didn't like it, so unpicked (again!) instead.  

In the end, I just went on filling in that gap as it got smaller and smaller, until it had gone. The thing I like about this is the repetition of the purple strips, which I think helps this version to sit more comfortably with the rest of the quilt.
Still tinkering, I have moved the geese that were in the top right hand corner in the first pictures to the bottom right.  Initially I had intended to run a curve of geese all the way from the top to the bottom but when I laid it out it looked too final, closed that side off, so I had to think again.  Now I'm planning to add some smaller geese, still going up but not hugging such a tight curve. Nearly there, I think.


  1. Yes, the gold was very overpowering and the piecing you added in feels right. The repetition of the lines and even those last few geese anchors it nicely.

  2. You called it correctly - the little geese and such in the inner corner works much better. And what you describe is NOT a weakness - it is simply part of your process. You need to be sure and sometimes stitching those seams is the only way to be certain.

  3. Totally agree with the comments above... the huge (in relationship to the other segments) piece of gold changed the entire character of the quilt... tho with it all gone I do miss a little of that sparkle! so many variables to consider... color / size / shape / position / texture .... that is what makes it so fun and challenging! I learn so much from watching your process, if nothing more, learning what questions to ask of myself (besides "what if")! Love your colors and the patterns of the shirts!

  4. I really like bringing the purple strips back. It has a much more cohesive feel. You always make things come together (even though it's a lot of work).

  5. Fun experiments and choices. That's good that
    you're relaxing with the process and letting your eye
    tell you where to go next.
    Part of good design is patience.

  6. Yes, that looks so much better! A lot of work, but it is much better.

  7. I'm pleased you lost the larger piece of gold fabric, your idea of filling with geese and different strips was inspired, I love how this is looking now.

  8. All along I've been thinking this is the upper right quadrant of the quilt and that you still had lots to go, but apparently I've missed a missive. I love the idea of this being the whole quilt. And yes, I agree with everyone that the geese and wedges are better suited to the quilt. The more I look at it, it more I'm loving it!


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