Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Keeping time

I knew that if I tried working on too many things my brain would start to overheat and that's definitely what's happening.  I thought I would keep it simple and only work on one project on any given day.  The problem with that theory is that it would mean I didn't finish printing my words until 2018. Honestly, it would have probably taken more time if I had decided to hand embroider a prolonged rant about the state of the universe (and don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind) but it would be a close call.  So I am trying to get a bit done every day.  As a result my poor hourglasses are a bit neglected and when I do look at them I am finding it hard to remember what I thought I was doing.  

However, I made a bit of progress this morning.

These two bits have actually been sewn together, but the sun came out and all my photos featured a large white diamond of light plus darkness all around - not much use at all.  I also need to point out that the curve between the two bits is just a feature created by my slapping stuff down on the floor willy-nilly, rather than the shape of the pieces.  

I know that I want to make it a bit longer next, and have a random selection of hourglasses sitting in a pile, but when they are used up I am out of the purple.     


  1. There is great movement in the piecing. My eye goes from vertical to horizontal inserts and then picks up on a smaller print and moves around and by the end I feel like I have spiraled around the quilt top several times over. Double tasking projects in a day takes a bit of organization, it's something I struggle to do myself.

  2. Yes, I know about too many projects. It drives me nuts; the more partial projects I have, the more I seem to start which makes it even worse.
    I'm so intrigued by the stamping projects you and Julie are working on. I really have to find some stamps and get started myself. Ha. One more project.
    I thought I had no ideas about your hourglass project but it just occurred to me. Have you thought about a color change around this when you're out of purple? It could look like a border. Not really but, the idea of a definite line might be one solution. Light yellows or blues?
    You'll make the prefect decision, I know.

  3. Love that grape-ey purple-ey juxtaposition...I find when i do too many things i get paralyzed--like now--have shut myself down to machine quilting my grandgirls' two I Spy for christmas quilts and hand quilting Pomegranate and knitting a new HAP (py ;))) shawl...cannot take in anymore than that--so I totally understand.
    I hate unfinished stuff hanging on my wall calling my name --(more like nagging me to finish them). My newest strategy is to hang them up in my dark sapreroom closet--out of sight--out of mind heh heh...hugs, Julierose

  4. I really have been feeling like I have too many things on the go at one time as well. It seems the older I get, the worse of a multitasker I am. I hope you find the right balance!

  5. The photos look fine :) Last year I worked on a bazillion projects / this year I've tried to concentrate on finishing some...:)

  6. The hourglass quilt is so pretty! It has that "make do with what you have" feeling that I love. I know what you mean about your brain overheating. There are so many things I need to do sometimes I don't know where to start.

  7. The light and dark contrast make it sing.
    I too get an 'over heated' brain. I'm one of those
    people that need to balance work with playtime.
    If my designing, sewing, quilting turn into work then
    I know I have to back way off.

  8. Another stunner with a wonderful cottage garden border flowers look to it ........ fabulous : )

  9. This is looking so-o-o good! Love all these gentle colours, hope you get time to work on it some more soon. I have 'to do' lists, but seem to end up working on what I feel like at time!

  10. Only you know the perfect balance of too many projects or too little.:) This quilt has such a serene look to it, am wondering what/where it will end up! So so curious!

  11. My eyes always are captured by this small pieces of yellow/ocker. I think they are a perfect contrast to the purple. Perhaps this could be a solution if purple runnes out...
    At the moment I´m paralyzed by all my projects, ideas and plans.And I do nothing at all. But this makes me unhappy. The older I become the more I feel an urge for clearness. Perhaps I have to focus on one project at a time.

  12. I like the description from Linda of "gentle colours" - perfect! I'm sure that when you do run out of purple you're going to come up with a great alternative.

  13. I like the soft colors and the occasional thin vertical lines add a lot of interest!

  14. "all my photos featured a large white diamond of light plus darkness all around"

    It is possible that you awakened a spiritual portal with this light and darkness photo...:)

    Food for thought, ha ha ! :) Looks wonderful :)


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