Friday, 26 August 2016

Curves and strips

I'm chugging along nicely now, interruptions notwithstanding.  I'm making a mental note to spend less time whinging about the things that cause the disturbances and just get on with it! 

I've got four of this circle-y blocks done now and am getting better at it, I think. They take a while, but four is enough to stick on the floor and play around with, which is always encouraging.

They can look like this:

or this:

or this.

Lots of options, even at this early stage.  

Note too, that I ironed this time!

Linking up with NinaMarie for Off the Wall today.


  1. Love the improvisational way you are working. What fun to move the blocks and make new connections.

  2. Having enough blocks to play with the layout is fun and one of my favorite parts. :)

  3. These are so much fun -- and I love all the potential they hold.

  4. Really looking good!! It's going to interesting to watch this develop.

  5. Those diagonal lines are really resonating with me. Reminds me of old cosmology diagrams, somehow. Wow. Love it!

    1. I agree but I didn't have the term.

  6. These really look like fun. Difficult to do?

  7. You never stop inspiring me Kaja. I love these. I'm all for the negative space.

  8. Wow, design gymnastics, 'what if' to the max.

  9. Definitely a WOW! from me, too. As much as I liked the first block, four blocks do something else--I'm not sure what, exactly, but it is something about the excitement and energy. I'm going to call it "verve" because that's the word that seems most fitting. (Dare I say "verve curve"?)

    I noticed the tiny plus block in the last pic. Perfect! I see a couple more of those coming in the next few days. You may as well get started on those right now. :-)

  10. These are great blocks - very intriguing. And they do look like a lot of fun to arrange and rearrange. That mental note to stop whining is something I have to remind myself over and over to do as well.


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