Saturday, 16 January 2016

Saturday photos #52

I'll confess straight up that this is bit of  a cheat.  Clearly today's photos were taken months ago (June in fact), but I'm cold and tired of winter, so am chucking in a sneaky little bit of summer, to cheer myself up.


  1. Well it cheered me up too, so thank you. At first I was surprised - hey you found pink in January! I guess you did, in a way.

  2. I love it! Looking at old photos is one of my favourite pastime. They invoke wonderful memories.


  3. Well, this should certainly cheer you up! I love those little pink flowers right in the center. We have some similar ones around here. I've seen them in places where old houses used to be but were moved years and years ago. The flowers are still there though. These darlings just keep multiplying and are beautiful in spring. I dug up a few bulbs along the roadside a couple of years ago for my garden. lol I should have known they'd be hard to control! Every once in a while I have to share or they take over, but I insist on keeping some because they're so bright and cheerful.


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