Monday, 11 January 2016

Here I go again

I've got a couple of tedious, housekeeping-y quilting chores to get out of the way now that Inner City is done, so first job today was making a back for Jellicle Cats.  It's going back from whence it came at the start of next month, so I just need to get it pin basted and ready to go then I'm done with it.

That done I had a bit of time to start playing around with something new.

I have a load of 5" squares of various Oakshott lines, some old, some new, I want to use.  I have in mind that I might print, so washed them first: I don't usually do this and boy do they fray!  Never mind: makes my photo look messy but won't have any effect on what I want to do.

Next up, some Kaffe Fassett stripes - some scrap, some untouched.

Let's see where this takes me...

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  1. You have some great yarn dyes here. Yes, they sure do fray! I have a love/hate relationship with them. But, since you are hand piecing, I bet they are really nice for that. Have fun!

  2. Mmmmm - lovely Oakshotts go so well with the KF stripes, both are finer than the usual prints (in my experience) and I starch well before cutting and sewing which seems to help the fraying.

  3. Wonderful color! Looking forward to more. Thanks for linking up

  4. How do you wash the precuts?

  5. those Kaffe stripes are so full of color... the cats are transitioning you to using more colors it seems. LeeAnna

  6. Kaffe stripes... ahhh I love them. They will look so great paired with Oakshott. It's like they were meant to be friends Kaja.

  7. Thanks for sharing the beautiful colours.

  8. Good for you for pointing out that quilting has loads of housekeeping-y things. If we want beautiful quilts we need to pay attention to these steps, too. Gorgeous fabrics.
    Is your parental unit going to quilt Jellicle Cats or do you plan to have it finished this month?


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