Monday, 2 November 2015

Back down to it

Before the quilty stuff a quick, but very large cheer for the mighty, mighty All Blacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Back to my machine today, and I started off trying to be disciplined and making more 9 patches, laying them out on the floor as I went.  Then I got twitchy and made another circle...

and then I  cracked and sewed a whole second set together.

I have two observations about this: first off, the  strips I am adding to make things fit sometimes make everything look quite different by the time the 9x9 blocks are done.  Secondly, this bigger block is quite a bit smaller than the first one.  I thought about adding extra bits now to bring it up to a comparable size but have decided to wait. I think this will leave me with more options.  Right now I'm not at all whether these will even be adjacent to each other by the time I'm done, so I like that room for manoeuvre. 

On another subject entirely, if you haven't checked out the bloggers who linked up with this month's AHIQ on Tuesday, do have a look at the post below and follow some of the links - there are some really interesting posts and some pretty cool quilts too.

I'll be linking up today with Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.


  1. Great fun, love the adventure, thanks for sharing.

  2. LOL -- around here people are cheering for the Royals (or mourning the Mets). Your design is very interesting. The rust color makes it pop!

  3. Hooray! (though I have no idea for whom or why :-) I'm liking your work even more. Every time you add something the whole perspective is changed. I love that you get twitchy and add a circle. Those circles are beginning to form a motif that works really well. I think it may have something to do with the fact that you add them sparingly and so they aren't the center of the work, but they are definitely something important to the quilt. Janie's right, adventure is a good word for the way you work.

  4. I love the circles - really pulls me into this. All blacks were brilliant!

  5. Well England were rubbish, so yay for the All Blacks, haha! I love it that you get "twitchy" - I can feel it! I can imagine you sitting there at the machine looking at the circles out of the corner of your eye, trying to restrain yourself...and then just diving in - a bit like me when I know there's a bar of chocolate in the cupboard :D This quilt is going to look so good Kaja, it's a wonderful colour palette and exciting to see you build it. Keep at it!

  6. I really like the color palette you're using here, and the improv circles.


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