Friday, 21 November 2014

New York under the knife

Last post I said I thought I knew what I wanted to do next with this, so here's what happened.  I realised that although I love the New York fabric, I was treating it with too much respect. I felt that in one piece like that it looked, well a bit lumpy, which is to say like it had been dropped in amongst the other bits I was playing with but didn't really want to be there.  Not dynamic enough I guess might be another way of trying to describe this. 

Looking closely at it, I saw that it is effectively made up of hundreds of different, tiny grids - that's right, they are windows (d'oh).  These are not great photos, but see what I mean?

That was my cue and this is what happened next.

Yup, I chopped it up and sewed it back together again.

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  1. Great bravery! Cutting it up, experimenting, letting the fabric which is fabulous lead you. Yea! LeeAnna

  2. Wow! Love where you're going with this! It really has a lot of energy now.:)

  3. Isn't that what piecing is all about, chopping it up and sewing it back together? It looks great and those little bits of red here and there add to the excitement.

  4. Wow - I gasped and then laughed with joy Kaja! This is a great step! You are a much braver quilter than I am!

  5. Oh, this is a great idea, Kaja! Now the buildings look like they want to play (and play nicely). I love that you fussy cut so that each block has an iconic building front and center. I agree that the red bits really add to the theme. Your son should love this quilt.

  6. Thanks for sharing this insight. I have a few pieces that need this treatment. They'll go on the to-do list.
    Yours is looking so wonderful!

  7. Love those "ah ha" moments! Very effective deconstructing and reconstructing. Like others, I like the bits of red.


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