Saturday, 16 August 2014

Learning to look #2

This week I learned that if you are going to use software to zoom in on your photos you'd better make sure you dusted first!  

I took loads of pictures, in about half an hour one morning, mostly in my living room and bedroom.  The bedroom doesn't have a lot of natural light and I ended up rejecting lots of stuff where the flash over-lit what I was trying to do.  My camera is just a basic point and shoot, so I'll have to learn to work with its limitations.  I'm using Picasa to edit until I get something I'm happy with; for me that's all part of the learning to look:picking out the detail, cropping to emphasise a particular shape or colour or change the balance of the picture.


  1. It's amazing isn't it Kaja, how much a camera can effect what you notice? And don't notice, as the case may be. I like your study in greens...

  2. Nice colorful composition! Very inspiring!

  3. Please do not come photograph anything at my house! The dust is unbearable since we're doing some remodeling. I do like your color choices, though. You have just enough green to pull all of the pieces together. Very pretty.

    1. I wish I had remodeling as an excuse!


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