Friday 27 May 2022

A bit of whingeing, a bit of sewing

Whingeing first, plus an apology.  I turned comment moderation on, because I was sick of having idiotic spam comments under my posts.  Somehow that messed with the bit of blogger that sends things to my inbox.  So I read your comment, I ticked that it was a bona fide, not at all bot-sent, quilt-related comment, and boom, it was on the blog but nowhere else.  You might think that getting on the blog is the most important bit, and you would have a point, but I rather fear that there will be a few commenters who haven't had responses from me because it took me a while to realise the inbox version wasn't turning up.  If this has happened to you, I apologise.  Anyway, for now I have removed comment moderation.  My brain is currently quite scattered enough -I don't want to go losing comments left, right and centre!

Anyway...on to the quilting.  Perhaps this is also reflective of my distracted state of mind.  That's to say progress is slow.  Here are just a couple of versions that have been laid out in the last few days.

I have played around with adding a variety of different bits and pieces.  The denim strips with skinny inserts will stay, I think.  The jury is out on those very dark bits at the bottom of the photo above.  
I tried adding bigger bits of that pretty, used-to-be-a-dress print,but they have gone already.  They just made it all a bit too busy for my liking.  

I am still looking at this from all sides and still looking for the best way to put in the extra green.  I only have the two pieces you can see above and enough for maybe one more wide-ish strip which forces me to think carefully. With the benefit of hindsight I wish that the two bits already in the quilt hadn't ended up looking almost the same length.  Maybe I will unpick.  Then again, maybe not!


Julierose said...

The middle part of creative improv always looks like a building site: you have no idea how it will all fit together!!
I find improv very difficult--it's the waiting for the next idea/version to become clear to me that drives me crazy!!
BTW: I like those darker bits----just sayin' Have fun hugs julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

I have comment moderation on and the comments still come to my inbox - I wonder why yours stopped? Re the WIP, it might be a bit too "regular" for you but I wonder how it would look if formatted more as a column quilt rather than a quasi-medallion?

Ann said...

It's hard to incorporate a different value when we have so much of something else. These dark bits are working. Good for you.
I don't moderate the comments until three days have passed. Many of the bots don't pick new posts up for a few days (probably because they are crawling for some place to attack) and Blogger is getting pretty good at weeding out real junk.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I totally understand about spam comments being a pain and going back and forth about moderating. Sorry you are having to cope with it, too. The bits of green you have left look like they will find their perfect home somewhere. I like symmetry in design so much, but it really is time I think about purposefully doing something asymmetric again. I appreciate how you think through and share your process as it often is a spark for me to consider as well!

liniecat said...

Blogger does that now n then, alters something and am sure its often because an operative had nothing else to do, maybe bored on a nightshift, so thought they'd just jiggle this and tweak that, for the hell of it!

I've got an urge to drop something in a few of those tumblers LOLOL

Janie said...

Yes, I understand about blog issues and technical issues. Sometimes finding out how to solve an issue can be very time consuming especially when sharing computer time. And then you get ahold of the technical advisors and they say do this and buy that and you do and then there is still a problem!
I'm learning how to be quick about some things and then still plodding along at others.
At least I have lots of time for all kinds of hand work and piecing!
That's not a bad thing.
Thanks for sharing your design progress.

patty a. said...

You have made some nice progress on this top. I like the addition of the blue with the skinny strips.

Sandy Panagos said...

This top is looking great! Love how the shapes work so well together.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Looking great! I love the crisp clear shapes, and the different bits & pieces. Did you start out with a vision? Or did you just jump in with your collection of shirts? As always, I enjoy reading about your process & progress with this, so different to how I work, but so inspiring!

O'Quilts said...

OMG, This is my favorite...Look what I have missed since Bloglovin kicked me off a year ago....You are such a great artist xo