Thursday 9 January 2020

What happened in 2019?

Well, something rather strange.  I fell out of love with the internet.  It started with a conscious decision to be more focused in how I used it and to reclaim some of the time that used to leach away from me: you know how it is - you come to blog, then you check other people's blogs, then you look at some new ones, then you follow a chain of thought...What I hadn't anticipated was that the less I was here, the less I wanted to be.  I still used the computer for work, but lost all urge to turn it on for anything else - I even did my Christmas shopping in real shops this year and I don't remember the last time that happened.  

Reflecting on this in a conversation this week I think that there is a danger of throwing out the baby with the bath water, so I am making a proper effort to put some time back to blogs - both my own and other people's.   My plan is to allocate little time slots, like I would with work tasks - get the post written, the visits made and then turn off the computer again, no aimless wandering;  I rather like the extra time I have clawed back.  It's a new way of doing things for me, so who knows if it will work, but if not I'll just keep tweaking until I find a new rhythm.  

In the meantime, I have been through all sorts of theories with regards to the latest piecing - I have added in and then removed several sets of fabric, tried pinwheels, tried hourglasses, tried standing on my head and looking at it sideways.  This is what it looked like yesterday.  Just a little chunk, but it's one I'm happy with.

In a nod to Ann's first AHIQ prompt for this year I shall definitely be including more hourglass blocks.  Apart from that resolution I am still groping my way in the dark, but maybe there's a tiny light at the end of this particular tunnel now.


Robin said...

I, too, am trying to be more aware of the "aimless wandering" on the internet. And when I don't get around to checking in everyday - I don't necessarily miss it. I still like to read specific blogs but I'm not as interested in all the chatter that sometimes goes around. I've also moved my computer to a different room. It's not in the kitchen which is the center of everything. So far, the change is positive and I'm getting more done. I also don't feel as fragmented as I used too. I always like to see what you're working on. This "chunk" as you call it, has a lot going on and therefore is quite interesting.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I have found many benefits to being online less as well, too. I hope you find a good rhythm! I do definitely enjoy getting to share in your process as you work through what works and doesn't for each piece. More hourglass blocks sound great!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Other than photos of the great-nephews and great-niece, I could lose Instagram entirely (and I may very well do that this year). My blog is my journal so I have no intention of curtailing that. BUT I do want to decrease my surfing hours per day. I want to read more and feel less overwhelmed by the output of others (while retaining the ability to be inspired and appreciative with AHIQ and RSC). Kudos to you - and thanks for a thoughtful post.

Libby in TN said...

You just put into words exactly what I was thinking! I am taking a break from blogging right now until I have a chance to reorganize and reprioritize my life.

Mystic Quilter said...

Kaja, I think all the commenters here are on the same page as yourself regarding time spent on the internet!!
Just like Robin I moved my computer out of my little sewing studio and until we have our "junk" room sorted it lives in a corner of my bedroom. This is not a satisfactory solution but I can live with it for a few weeks.
I am finding Instagram taking up quite a chunk of time, I see that Julie has thoughts on this also, I then find I become so very frustrated because I feel I am not achieving as much as other quilters, nor being as experimental, not good for the mental health side of life so I had decided to pass on Instagram.
Onto your quilting - I am in the throes of formulating a plan for Ann's prompt and I do like the way you are going with your new piece! Looking forward to more posts on the development of this one.
Happy New Year!!!

Ann said...

It is a special treat to see your quilts progress from first idea to finish. Even if you hadn’t told us you use vintage clothing I could tell from the photos. Interesting how we wear fabrics that are much less gaudy than those we purchase in quilt stores. I’ve been thinking about that and am deliberately working in softer colors on new bed quilts. The bright stuff is going into baby quilts and some lap quilts.
New Years are a time to step back and consider how our habits are working for us. I’m pretty fe up with Instagram but think I did all my shopping online this Christmas. I knew exactly what I wanted and where to get it. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right store when I move around all year. But this year I plan to finish the shopping by the end of the summer. Then it’s easier to celebrate the season.

liniecat said...

You could have been talking about my relationship with my own blog lol
I stumbled back onto it last week and then found printed versions of my first ever blogging posts.
I must have once considered putting the posts in a book .. lol but rereading them, no not never!
Nice to see you back in the saddle, or on the table, floor with your piecing!
You fascinate me with your techniques for making something remarkable from fabrics I wouldn’t even think to put together.
You have a wonderful gift for matching fabrics which I much envy!!

Lisa J. said...

This is what I have been trying to do as well. Really limit my time on the internet to a few times a week. I give myself permission to spend more time here if I am sick. But I still like reading blogs. For me there where a couple of weeks when the computer wasn't functioning well and I realized I was depending on the computer to keep me from being bored and to fill some social needs. I want to spend more time with real life things and less on the internet but perhaps better time here. We will see.

JanineMarie said...

Oh, definitely, I think many of us blog less, now. I don’t want to give it up completely because it is my journal of my quilting, but when I realized that I didn’t want to post something because that meant hours replying to comments and reciprocating on the blogs of others, I knew there was a problem. That sounds selfish, I’m sure, but internet time was curtailing sewing. Now I generally do one long post when I finish a project. I do like the relationships I’ve formed through social media, but there has to be a good balance somewhere. Having said that, I’m thrilled to see a post from you again—I was just wondering yesterday if you were still blogging. Your process is so interesting and instructive to watch.

audrey said...

Was just wondering if you had closed up shop here on the Internet and then Ann mentioned you in her latest AHIQ prompt post. So glad you aren't disappearing from us forever as I am so very fascinated by the way you work. Very inspirational and I so love how you choose the fabric/prints/colors that you end up using. So many people are spending less and less time blogging, you can tell from the comments, but it's important to be more present with life. I've been trying to find a good balance the last year or so myself. I blog less but then the posts are longer so that makes for one very long span of time getting that post together and then of course catching up on the commenting etc. Am I really saving computer time? Mostly, I use my Bloglovin' reader to keep up throughout the rest of the week and just 'lurk'. It's so true that all the aimless wandering can use up precious time that we can spend DOING. I live way out in a rural area so find that I need to do some Christmas shopping online, but then it's great to finish up with one big, long trip to town. Hope you can find your balance. The connections here are wonderful but only you can decide if it's worthwhile long term.:)

Monica said...

I love your start here! It's funny how I see elements here that I planned to use. I said the same thing to Cathy, and the two quilts are quite different. 😂🤔

You definitely shouldn't stress about keeping up with everything, cause it's a constant flood of information. Put your time into what makes you happy.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Ah.. to blog or not to blog! Yes, it takes time planning a post, taking the pics, and yes, checking out other blogs does indeed often get me sidetracked! But I do love my 1/2hr or so in the mornings with a coffee, just looking around & seeing what others are up to. And I'm sure my 'braveness' with colour combos and my 'make what you love' approach has resulted from visiting blogs, yours included!
I guess its about balance and doing what pleases you. But, I do love seeing your posts pop up, your work is so different and so inspirational!

Mary Marcotte said...

One way that I've found a balance is to limit when and where I do things. For example, I "play" on my phone when I'm at the doctor's or at therapy. I keep hand-work in the truck and by my chair. And when I start a novel, the earth stops turning till I finish it. Blogging happens when I have something to blog about and the time to write.
I like what you've got started. I'm anxious to get started with a new project myself. It seems forever since I sewed on any quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll put together this go.

Doris Perlhuhn said...

Me too I thought about it a lot in the last month . Sometimes I really spend too much time with looking at Insta or a lot of blogs. But for me its a sort of waiting time till a new idea comes up and I start to work. So I don´t blame me too much for this.
My first thought was : O no she will stop her blog at all!! Good to hear you don´t want to do this.
I love the strong contrast in your new fabric choice. Gives it a very strong outlook.

patty a. said...

I started my blog to keep me motivated. I had to accomplish something so I would have something to blog about. It keeps me focused. I can appreciate your thoughts on the computer though. It can be a real time sucker! Thank goodness I don't know how to use Instagram; Pintrest is bad enough!