Wednesday 3 October 2018

Quick update

Not much to say about this, but here's a bit of progress.  

My pile of "blocks" is growing
and I have started making these little strips too.
I am hoping these will let me sneak in some little bits of the purple and green fabrics as well as using up my smaller scraps.

A practical aside: I don't know which part of the gmail/blogger interface is to blame but comments are being emailed to me multiple times at the moment.  This means I have become hopelessly confused about which one I have replied to.  I am trying methodically to work my way through it, but will almost undoubtedly slip up somewhere, so apologies in advance to anyone I accidentally ignore.


Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Oh goodness, Blogger has had enough issues and now they've gone from no emails to multiple? Sorry to hear about that, I am sure it is rather confusing. I like the little strip sets and think it will be a great way to introduce purple, green, and tiny scraps.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I am loving this one!!

Julierose said...

Love your little strippies--blogger is emailing me doubles, too--oy!
hugs, Julierose

Nancy said...

Great blocks, Kaja.

Maybe blogger has actually fixed the problem that appeared in April and comments weren't sent to us via email.

If you happened to subscribe to comments in your blogger dashboard, maybe you could try to reverse it. I wrote a post about subscribing that might help: Maybe try taking your email address out of the subscribe box?

Unknown said...

This is really innovative creativity. I love the fact that I’ve never seen something beautiful before.

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Marly said...

I like the balance and interest you’re getting with the large navy patches. This is alredy full of surprises!

patty a. said...

Since they updated blogger it sure does a lot of crazy things. My comments still won't go to my gmail unless I go into bogger and tell it to post them. Once I post them on the blog then they show up in my gmail. But at least only once not like what is happening to you.

Your blocks are coming along nicely! I like the strips with the little squares. I can see how they could add just a bit of a color surprise like a planter of flowers along a street

Ann said...

We're in different countries so this may not work for you but I unchecked the box to be notified of comments. I go to my blog to read them. That's also why I respond publicly there. I spent a couple of months trying to reduce my email because it just confuses me.
Your "railroad tracks" will be very useful for using small bits and adding contrast. Good idea.
I'm finally cutting some fabric - probably wrong but it's not as if I don't have bunches.

Kathleen said...

I like the sort of cobblestone pathway effect the stripped fabric is giving your blocks.

Janie said...

Good progress!
I like your strip units, like Patty A. said, 'bits of color along a street.'

Sue McQ said...

The strip reminds me of stained glass...lovely.

Mary Marcotte said...

Your quilt is coming along nicely, Kaja. The new sections are adding yet more intense.
I finally ended up using Ann's Blogger method of answering on the blog. Then I make a point of visiting and replying on the commenter's post.

Kim said...

I too, are having comments doubling up. It can be a wee bit confusing, can't it. Oh how I love this quilt, Kaja. I must say it is looking fabulous.