Saturday 28 March 2015

Saturday photos #16

This week I've been sticking my camera into the kitchen cupboards.  When I started editing I thought this had been a bad idea - it was all too bitty and messy, but then I had a go and focusing in on the colour in each photo, which I like a lot more.  I was quietly cheered that zooming in like this didn't produce lots of hideous fluff or dust or smears of sauce, although there is a cracking fingerprint on one of the purple glasses.  

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LA Paylor said...

what a terrific color exercise!
The purple jumps out at me, I think because it looks like it's sparkling. Then the yellow because it's light and next to it's compliment the purple. Then the aqua, which is very attractive to me right now. How interesting to think of doing this. And I would not even know how to make a collage out of the photos... I need to learn so many things. LeeAnna