Saturday 21 March 2015

Saturday photos #15

I drive past this derelict building most days.  It's Victorian - would have been an industrial building of some sort - small factory, warehouse, something like that. It's for sale and I sort of wish someone would buy it and make it beautiful again (though the planning permission says they can put something silly like 20 small houses on the plot as well, which wouldn't be quite so pretty!)


Mary Marcotte said...

Oh I love old, Victorian buildings! It hurts my heart to see them torn down. I do hope someone buys this one to repair it and make it usable again.

Lara B. said...

Very interesting photos Kaja! We live in a historic area and see wonderful architecture just decaying away everywhere... it is hard to find people or businesses that can afford to restore them. The city of Buffalo is full of architectural treasures. I hope your old building finds new life!

LA Paylor said...

oh Kaja... I love old buildings so much. I am bereft when I see them falling down. The way of the world seems to be tear down and build little boxes or parking lots instead of guarding the old. So sad for the future gen's. LeeAnna