Saturday, 25 June 2016

Saturday photos #68

Not feeling remotely flowery today, so here's a selection of shots of electrical appliances from round the house (I like to walk on the wild side occasionally).


  1. Very creative and different. Can't recognize most of those, but these are good to record history and do comparisons of how electronics change over time.

  2. Well, I see a couple of shots of a vintage Singer sewing machine, a modern steam iron, an exhaust fan??, a speaker, an alarm clock, perhaps the inside of an oven, a vaccuum cleaner hose? Interesting look at some everyday items. I was interested to hear, in a news report about Brexit, that a lot of common electric appliances had been banned by the EU (tea kettles, hair dryers). Also interesting. I like your photos a lot.

  3. Looks like you count your featherweight maybe, among your appliances :)
    Neat photo collage.

  4. Amazing texture is everywhere.

  5. A very creative collection!! Love it!



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