Saturday, 6 February 2016

Saturday photos #54

This looks pretty, but boy was it cold, and wet, and muddy. Signs of spring everywhere, though, thanks to the ridiculously mild winter we've had.


  1. 'aint the world great!
    Wonderful pictures : )

  2. Wow look at the colors you were able to find. Gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful pictures, each one stunning on its own and even more so when collaged together like this.

  4. Cold and wet summarizes my walk on Wednesday. I am glad you got to see some wonderful colours during your outing. These are really beautiful.


  5. You photos convinced me to look around outside, and I discovered that my pot of verbena is still going. This is their second winter. I thought surely I'd find dead plants but, no, they are blooming! I played around with the verbena and forgot all about looking for lichen and dried branches. That's my ADD kicking typical of me!


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