Friday, 3 July 2015

Time to move along

Seems like there is only so long I can make bricks and just pile them up (not even neat piles at that), so this morning I took a little step in the direction of progress.

It's a glorious sunny day here, and I point blank refuse to complain about the heat, given that I whinge all winter long about the cold, but there are big sunny patches everywhere I would usually take my photos, hence this rather unappealing blue carpet.  

Funnily enough, although I love the blues I showed in the last post, I found it difficult to use them today.  Everything I put against them seemed wrong, so there are lots of blocks with the cream around them, not so many blue. Maybe tomorrow I will be in more of a blue mood?


  1. This is the first time that I think I have found your blog, so I am just catching up on your piece. However, after looking through your finished quilts on your website, you have a wonderful sense of color. That said, I bet if you make more and more blocks, you will see just how to weave the blues and lighter neutrals to create the quilt you envision. Have fun!

  2. I like the blues ARe they bricks or stones or both? LeeAnna

  3. Ahh, but your bricks are happy! The cream looks great and spots of them here and there will really make the quilt sparkle. Give the blue time, it knows what it wants. The few you have are working and if you keep mixing it up, this quilt will definitely show your unique style. I know, I know...I had a week of no advancement, but there are times like that. (They make me crazy!) I should adopt your attitude about the weather. :-) It would be one less aggravation.

  4. Blue? Cream? A combo. I have confidence that your very frustration will lead you to a solution when you least expect it. Perhaps we will see some of those indigos you created as surround fabric next week.

  5. Hi Kaya: It's looking good. The blocks look good in white as well as blue.


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