Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Plan B

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, offering views on my fabric choices.  I have been playing around with the options, both the lighter tones and a couple of dark blues and for now have pulled these four fabrics out, with the idea that some/all of them will be my 'mortar' choices.  

I don't want to be particularly literal with this quilt, but am sticking with the idea of mortar for now.  Even if it goes out the window somewhere along the way, these will provide contrast in some shape or form.

I'm loath to give up my other blues, so have been cutting some bricks using them and mixing them up with the yellows.

I will be slicing them up and making little pairs, like I did with the first lot, but had just slapped down what I had on the background fabrics to see what they looked like.  Flitting from one thing to another?  Maybe.  But I'm going to try and focus for a bit now...


  1. Hi Kaja: I love those yellows against the blue. They look great on the grey as well.

  2. Helloooo Kaja! So good to see what you've been up to lately - can't believe how much a 'slow sewer' can accomplish in a relatively short space of time; you've been so productive! These little squares are looking gorgeous - I love the colours you've put together and really look forward to seeing how it comes together. Kim came home last week, so all being well I plan to pop round regularly again - your work is always so inspiring :) x

  3. Love that striped turquoise and how your other blues play with it. Once again, I can't wait to see where this is going.

  4. The denim colored one really sets off the yellows. Of course, I love the turquoise.

  5. I won't try to influence you today. (really) But I love your process and the idea of incorporating the "rejected" blues. I think you're on to something really beautiful and can't wait to see the next few stages.

  6. I really like the blues combined with that mustard type yellow.


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