Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Stripes and splodges

As things calm down after Easter I have taken out the fabrics for Build Me a Wall again, and gone back to playing around.  I had/have a kind of thought that I would like to use a skinny border pretty soon and then some more wall strips, so I have been auditioning fabrics for a possible border and also thinking about what goes behind my holes.  You will see from the photos that I am still putting off doing anything with the facings but will give myself a stern talking to and tackle them soon.

First up was a stripe that I pulled at random from my boxes.  I wondered if everything was getting too nicely matched so wanted to try a good variety.  It looked like this:

Then I tried a different yellow/green shade (but the sun came out so my photo is of the only corner not covered with shadow lines).

Then I stuck the Alison Glass print into the mix...

And then maybe I went a bit bonkers - looking at the splodges on the last fabric I pulled out a plain that matched.

On reflection I think this is probably a step too far, although I haven't necessarily given up on the idea of sneaking a bit of that pink in somewhere.  No decision on what next yet though, so I'm off to tackle those facings.


  1. Doesn't the pink/red that's on the very bottom of the last picture match some of the spots on new fabric in the middle photo? They are too far apart to tell for sure, but if they match a bit, you may have a new game plan. I wish I could draw lines for you because looking back, I think the spotted fabric connects to the fabric that is five strips up. It's the yellowy one with the black lines. Of course, my computer may not show photos in the correct resolution, so I could be completely off and you should ignore me!

  2. This is amazing! Love looking at it and seeing all the detail! Looking forward to seeing more! Keep going!

  3. I really like the golden spotted fabric.

  4. Kaja, you are so much braver at mixing colors than I am. My hand would not have reached for that turquoise stripe and yet I totally love it after seeing it with the walls. Watching you work has stretched my imagination so much! The gold splotchy fabric must have a place too - it looks great. Adding in a deep pink will change the energy of the piece; you will figure out if you like it and what direction you want to go, I know.

  5. I think that a strip of that bright pink changes the wall-y feeling. What if you made the majority of the holes that Allison Glass orange and then snuck in a few holes filled with the pink? Looking good!

  6. Every color you added was so interesting. Love that turquoise stripe!!

  7. Loving the turquoise stripe, but it's interesting to see the different possibilities as well!


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