Saturday, 4 April 2015

Saturday photos #17

Lots of cleaning going on here, lots of clearing tables and kitchens, lots of cooking, lots of people , but not so much sewing!  

We did find time yesterday to visit a place which describes itself as a Vintage, Antique and Arts Centre - and about halfway round I thought to start snapping with my phone, so here are todays pics.

Everything from bins full of spare Scrabble pieces to some lovely vintage clothes, to piles of cinema seats - a great place to browse!


  1. What an interesting place! At every turn there's a new thing, a great find. But it's likely too tempting to bring some of those finds home. Let's pretend those papers in the upper right corner are vintage playbills from from world-renown theaters. You should have picked up a couple of scrabble letters to turn into buttons and add to your denim pieces.

  2. That looks like my idea of a great time Kaja! And you always find ways to make us look at things differently through the lens of your camera (or phone, as the case may be).


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