Sunday, 26 April 2015

Holes and edges

 Little Elephant is out of the hoop.  Sadly this doesn't mean finished: I use a circular hoop but this leaves quite a bit around the edges that has to be done at the end.  Also, next time I start to use any version of blunt-nosed triangles in a border, please someone remind me that they are a bit of a pain to quilt!

These edges will get done, an hour or two a day, but I'm also working on attaching the little oranges squares to go behind my holes in Build Me a Wall. This is going quite quickly, mostly because I'm just trying to hold them in place at the moment.  I cut four or five at a time and try to get them all done in one go.

I really like how these are looking, which is a great motivator for what might otherwise seem like quite a tedious job.  The stitches, rough as they are, are also helping me think about quilting/stitching for the top once it's ready for such things.


  1. What a lovely Building a wall-quilt. I love the colours you've used, especially the orange fabrics in the holes.

  2. I don't like quilting the edges of a quilt. But do find attaching a towel and rehooping helps a lot. So glad you are enjoying your stitches!

  3. It is funny how much more there is to do when you think a quilt is close to being finished.
    Love the way your holes are looking Kaja! That orange fabric Rocks! (Get it? Rocks. Arr Arr.)


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