Friday, 24 April 2015

Filling in the holes

Finally a decision, and I have started to fill in the holes.  If I had a lot of this fabric I might have just slung the whole piece behind what I have already, but my scant half metre doesn't allow for that, so it's a slow, slow process.

I am also adding slowly to the bottom of the piece (still aiming at something a bit bigger than I have now, if I can manage it).  


  1. Oh I love the bits of pattern that show through on the orange fabric you chose to back with. It makes you feel like there's another whole scene or layer or picture underneath.

  2. I liked that one, too, partly because of the random printing and partly because the color blends yet stands out. I originally thought of a stratigraphic cross section when you posted this piece. Now I'm reminded of vugs or vugular porosity. Because these aren't holes anymore. :-)

  3. A slow process, yes. But if you choose to, you have more control over what is seen through the holes than if you just put a larger piece of fabric behind. Or are you cutting the fabric randomly?

  4. I love how this is looking! It makes me think of lava beneath the strata of rocks, or, metaphorically, the fire inside us all beneath the layers.


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