Friday, 6 March 2015

It's all about the colour

Getting started on the walls project.  I rummaged around in the garage (which is where I keep my boxes of fabric) and came up with two sets of colours.  I think I had in my head something quite literal, so was looking for greys, browns, that sort of thing.

After a few days of looking and thinking I came to the conclusion that neither of these was quite right.  I didn't mind either, but equally didn't feel that excited by them.  So I've had another go, keeping quite a few of these but broadening it out a bit.

As you can see I've pulled some prints this time, and quite a few murky yellows/yellowy-greens.  I'm feeling much more interested in this selection, so will set off and see where I get to.  I guess some of these may not make it into the quilt and other fabrics may turn up that aren't here, but it's a fair jumping off point.  

As a side note, I've noticed that I'm much happier once I throw some prints into the mix.  I like the idea of a quilt made just with solids, but haven't yet looked a a grouping of solid fabrics and not wanted to shove some pattern in there.


  1. I like the vibe I am getting with the final selection. I can't decide if it is an early spring day or an autumn afternoon... but either way the fabric selection works really well!

  2. well, you're off (the wall) and running. I have two more timed projects to do before I can start. LEeAnna

  3. Really like those prints you've added to the mix!

  4. I love your fabric choice. I love to see the finished quilt.

  5. I have to put prints in my fabric selections too, but then I think the only true solids I've ever used are black and a little bit of white. Tonals are my friend. ;) I like your starting line-up. Can't wait to see your progress!


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