Friday, 29 August 2014

If I could talk to the animals

Finally I've had a chance to get back to quilting.  I've been itching to get the new animals out and see if they fit, but sometimes real life has to be the priority. (Oops, what am I saying?  Obviously real life is always my priority, but sometimes real life and quilting manage to coincide, other times they head in opposite directions.)

So Mr Hippo found his place quickly:

This took 5 minutes.  Two hours later I still hadn't worked out if the other elephant works too.  I've tried it in all sorts of places, moved the layout around, taken the big star out and put it back, moved it to the right, then to a slightly more central position than it started in.  Here are some samples of my tweaking.

Nothing was decided before real life reared its ugly head again. I'm hoping that when I come back, elephant #2 will tell me where she wants to be. 

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  1. What a wonderful piece!! The colors and prints are so well combined!!

  2. Oh no Kaja! I hope that on one else got sick!
    Your quilt looks fascinating and I love that Mr. Hippo. You'll figure out exactly where Elephant two wants to be, i'm sure!

  3. What a wonderful happy quilt! I think you have to put the elephant with the white background somewhere where it will balance the white background of the hippo. You'll figure it out and be sure to show us when you're finished.

  4. Don't you love the teenage stage? Enough is finished so you know you like it / can see a good future but now the quilt really talks back to you / has a mind of its own.

  5. You've got this! I love the new animals. The elephant will speak, just give her time...she's a little shy. The hippo just took the limelight away for a little while. Hope all is well and life cooperates.

  6. No worries here, looks to me like the animals are talking to you! Great quilt.

  7. Love colours and shapes. It is all so positive. I'd love to meet some of the others who comment. They all sound so positive.


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