Monday, 7 July 2014

Another blast from my quilting past

So this is my Israel quilt.  In 2012 we spent some time visiting E's relatives in Tel Aviv and at a kibbutz in the north of Israel and I bought the fabric that was the basis of this quilt. I wish now I had taken a picture before I started but it was a striped fabric, and the stripes were the very dark green, the mid green and the thin black strips you can see below.  Each strip had large areas of white.  I cut the fabric apart along these strips, and interspersed them with other fabrics (the plain green and brown bits) and then cut away all the white, which was really fiddly.  Then I used bondaweb to attach my own choice from behind, everywhere the white had been. I'm not sure if that's  a clear enough description, but it's the best I can do!  

This was the last quilt I made using traditional quilting thread and looking back I wish it was done with perle, but them's the breaks.

I wanted something that had, for me, the feel of that holiday, hot, dusty, greys and browns, like the land, but also  hot pinks and oranges - the flashes of colour that come from all the flowers. I got close enough for a first try, I think.


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  1. What a pretty quilt. It's not easy replacing one color in a quilt, so yes, you did a great job. Just looking at the picture, I've have thought that the stripe came in these colors. If nothing else, that would have been easier than your version. I'll remember this method should I ever not like one part of a fabric.

  2. Thank you. I'm not sure if this was the best way, it's just what I came up with at the time. If I did it again I would probably do it differently!

  3. I think you did a great job with replacing the parts that you swapped out. I agree with Mary that upon first looking at it, I never would have guessed that you did some creative cutting. What a great quilt to remember your trip by. Thanks for linking up to Anything Goes Monday.

    1. Thank you - I think the conclusion is fiddly but worthwhile!

  4. Hi Kaja, I love the way this quilt looks - very elemental! It reminds me of when you look at the layers of rock that give you a glimpse through the ages in a cliff face, so yes I can see exactly what you mean by it capturing the land.

  5. Great - I'm so glad that it works for you. That's pretty much what I ha in my mind when I started.


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