Tuesday 10 January 2023


I know Christmas is over, but these blocks remind me of baubles and it's a thought that is pleasing me on this dreary, wet January afternoon.

I am slowly adding in a number of different elements.  The strips with little red insets showed up in the photos I shared last time but I am also now making strips of blue with red triangles. Put together, it goes something like this.
I had to pause once I had several bits like this, as grouped together they were not working quite as I wanted them to (yes, I know I should have a picture, but I was too busy concentrating to remember that).  The issue, in short was that it all felt a bit busy.  I took some quick phone photos and had a look in black and white.
The thing this makes quite obvious is that I need to think a bit about how I am using my lightest/darkest fabrics, to try and build in better contrast.  Too many mid-tones here are leaving things a bit mushy.  Of course, in reality there is a measure of contrast that comes just from the colours.  Quite often I find that is enough for me, but other times, and this is one of them, you just need a bit more.  I'm not sure that I need to find extra fabrics; it's more a case of using them better.

While I let this thought simmer, I am going to change tack and write out my 2023 plans for AHIQ


Julierose said...

Baubles is a perfect name for this piece; I love those little red plain inserts...this is coming together so well...enjoy hugs, Julierose

patty a. said...

The skinny inset pieces are fabulous!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Grayscale photos can really be beneficial sometimes. You are right that the color is often enough for the eye to transition and see the shapes, too. The baubles seem like they are progressing nicely and you might as well find enjoyment in what is pleasing, no matter the time of year!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I love the name Baubles! And like Julierose and Patty, I like the skinny inserts. I always have an issue with "mush" because I do use a lot of mid-tones, so I feel your dilemma.

Janie said...

Bright Baubles perfect for January! They remind me of 'steam punk', spiky with gears.

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh yes, hadn't picked that up before Kaja, definitely baubles!
I'm liking all the spikes in this.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Yes, getting the contrast happening can be tricky. I tend towards more medium values with all my fabrics, so lately it's been a focus to really dig deep in the stash to create some interest.
What strikes me though, in your pics, is the contrast between the plaids and the florals, so I'd say you've got this covered!

Quiltdivajulie said...

For some reason your email server is rejecting my responses to your comments on my blog . . . grrr. I figured if I left a comment here at least you would know why you aren't hearing back from me.