Wednesday 14 April 2021

Slow going, still better than not going at all

It's slow going  here this week, but not because I'm stuck (though I'm not yet unstuck).  It's just the second week of the Easter holidays.  Last week my guys went to cricket camp, thrilled that our lockdown has been lifted enough for this to be possible.  Mind you, normally they would have been inside; this year they played cricket in both driving snow and pouring rain and, quite consistently all week, in temperatures barely above freezing.  Didn't seem to bother them though.  This week, no cricket, so I have to be more entertaining.  

I am sneaking in a bit of tinkering and quite a lot of just pondering nonetheless.  I have to thank everyone who took the time to offer up an opinion on my last post - all those clever ideas whirl around in my head and sooner or later something comes of it all.  So far I have decided to add in both a lighter light (a shirt, basically white with a very fine stripe) and some darker options.  I have also settled on emphasising the 'o' shape with the string blocks rather than the crosses.  This means that if I disrupt the pattern, I will be doing so in a more careful way. 

This is just a little bit where I have reorganised the strings and added in a couple of white squares. It's always a bit odd judging something from a small piece, given that repetition is so important, but you can get my general drift anyway.

Here are the new darks.
And this, in the interests of thoroughness, is a black and white version.  
Beyond this, I have no clue as yet, but I am hopeful that by the time I get a clear run at it again, something will have percolated through and I'll be ready to crack on. 

In the meantime, I am quilting and quilting.


Robin said...

I like the "O's". I can't quite envision the darks but that's okay, you always bring it together at the end. It's really like reading a mystery and not knowing "who done it" till the last page.
I've been hand quilting too. Some things just seem to take forever. I finished the 3rd outside border today so that means just one more and then the binding.

Julierose said...

Good for you just moving on ...I think that this pandemic isolation is having a huge influence on how we are all feeling and that has to be reflected in our creative workings...
Take care and hang in there hugs, JUlierose

audrey said...

Sometimes there is no way forward in our minds until we make a little bit of progress physically. It's a hard balance to find, doing just enough to find the lightbulb moment, yet not doing so much as to find ourselves unpicking and wasting precious fabric. I really like the light areas you're adding in. So curious to see where you end up with this!

liniecat said...

So the bottom dark could look like the ground or a bowl for the tulips?
The naked white looks out of place to my eye, not like a snippet of 'background' visible through the melee of flowers, rather as if you ran out of fabrics lol
But as Robin said above, you always pull it together somehow and it looks bloody wonderful in the end gal!

Sports outdoors was always the bane of my chubby young teens life lol I wasnt fast enough to stay warm and not capeable enough to be much involved in the action so withered on sidelines with red, angry cold knees and thighs LOL
Im sure its character building - as I turned out okay in the end, but hated sports forever more!

Ann said...

Emphasizing the O's makes quite a difference. Good thought.
And I think increasing the value range and the dimensions of the bits you add will help. I'm looking forward to your next steps.
What a treat to still have some children at home. All the activities wore me out at times but now it's so quiet. Fortunately they call but I miss having them running around the house.

patty a. said...

This one is sure a challenge for you, but the mulling will result in a wonderful piece. Things are loosening up here in the states, but a bit too much for my comfort. People are just not wearing their masks in some places I shopped. I will rethink how I buy some items so I can stay as isolated as possible. I have been vaccinated, but I am still fearful.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I'm glad that getting out of the house for a bit to play cricket was a possibility. It's fun to see the blocks starting to be sewn together, and I hope the addition of the extra fabric gives you just the right mix when you can get the time to puzzle with the pieces more.

O'Quilts said...

I agree with everyone. Quilt needs to percolate, sewist needs to get our of the house, a bit of chocolate couldn't hurt either!!
I had my shots, second finished last month. Today, I went to an outside lunch with another vaccinated friend...Oh, my I felt so normal and happy. First time in a year.....Then, my mask and I pushed a grocery cart up and down the aisles for exercise. It is easy to forget the stress we are under!!