Wednesday, 18 March 2020

What I found in my boxes

I'm sitting here waiting to hear if our schools are going to be closed and wondering whether this blooming virus is going to result in extra sewing time or less.  I guess I'll know fairly soon.  

I have been rooting about and found quite a lot of fabrics that I think might go with my three shirts.  In a perfect world I would probably go out and look for another shirt, but this time I'm going to go with what I have. Probably one or two of these won't make it into the final quilt and probably I'll have to go away at some point and find something extra.  But for now, this will do.
I don't have any clear ideas, beyond hourglasses, so I'm going to make a few blocks to get myself started and wait for something to occur to me.  


Julierose said...

Nice selection you have there; I'm happy to hear that someone else starts sewing without a plan ;))) .I did a lot of teal stringing and crumbing today...i have no idea what they will be.
The rail fences will be cut into strings as I don't really like them...just not speaking to me right now..and so it goes...
hugs, stay safe Julierose

Ann said...

Either you are getting better at pulling fabric based on your original clothing pulls or I am getting better at visualizing your choices. Or both. But this looks lovely. Good idea to use what's at hand. We are fortunate to have an engrossing craft to take our minds off the world at this unsettling time.

patty a. said...

Great group of fabrics! Going out and searching for other gems is probably not a great idea. I took off the 17th to help my brother pack and today I just stayed home and rested. I was so tired from the packing then chasing around looking at cars for my son there was no way I could have gone to work. Tomorrow I am going in to get all my stuff so I can work from home for a few days until they can figure out what to do. We have a couple guys that got back from Vegas and that concerns me. I am at the age where I am in a vulnerable group. Thank goodness I don't have any other medical conditions. Stay safe!

liniecat said...

Well that selection stirs my far less capable creative genes so looking forward to seeing what magic you bring to these fabrics!
I'm working at home now for the foreseeable, being over 70 and having had 2 heart ops. But thankfully I am able to work at home and have plenty to get stuck into.
Everything from brailed adaptations of children's books with tactile 'illustration' pages to a whole Topic Box on Space and the Solar System lol
Might be time to pick up my blog again too ..

Robin said...

I hope ‘‘this goes through. I can’t read your blog on my computer. My security protection blocks you out. And, sometimes my comments with the IPad don’t get through. But I just wanted to let you know I’m fascinated by your Fabric choices and looking forward to how you interpret the hourglass challenge.

Mystic Quilter said...

You found a really good selection to go with your originals! You may very well now know more on the school closing situation, fingers crossed that whatever happens you can still fit in your sewing.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

The craziness going on around us can not be described. Hopefully the virus will run out of steam, but I fear we have several months of being homebound.
Your fabric choices are interesting. May I suggest that you grab a dress or shirt from your closet rather than leave the house? Of course, that may be a bad habit to begin. :) Glad you're beginning with the hourglass challenge. I can't wait to see what you add to it.

audrey said...

Hoping you still get to have some sewing time in these uncertain times. If I can just turn off the news for awhile then my mind is less distracted and the quilting works its magic.:) Loving these fabrics you pulled. I just pulled a purple/green mix too. Must be the hints of spring getting to us!

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