Tuesday 31 March 2020

Precious little sewing

Locked down, like most of the world, it seems.  Ah, my foolish dreams of sewing, reading, wafting around the house thinking deep thoughts and learning fifteen new languages before lunch.  In fact (of course) I am feeding more people, more of the time, clearing and cleaning more (not my forte but even I have my standards) and spending quite a lot of time supervising school work.  Sewing, not so much.  

I am grateful, though, that so far we are all healthy and hopeful that I may eventually find a rhythm that allows for use of a sewing machine and/or needle and thread.  

In the meantime, just before this all started, I did a bit of sewing that I haven't had a chance to blog.

Sadly these are mostly pictures of that phase at the beginning of a quilt when, basically, I am still a bit stuck and am making bits in the hope that light will dawn.  

I made some hourglasses - different shapes and sizes.
Then I went away, thought about it and decided that, for now at least, I didn't want to go down that route, which felt a bit predictable.  So, second start involved lots of hourglass the same size (I use the term lightly, since they are not being measured, just eyeballed).
 Once I had a few, I could play around a bit...
 or this?
Nearly, but not quite.  Still, it feels like I am groping towards something that will satisfy me.

Maybe I will start getting up half an hour earlier, or going to bed half an hour later, and carve out some time that way.


Ann said...

Ah, they joys of young men home. It took me a year after mine left to cut down the recipes and shopping. We were constantly out of food the last few years they were home.
And it is quiet here. I would have time for quilts but masks pre-empted that for a while. They aren't professional grade but help reserve N95s for the front line.
I like your hourglasses and especially the fabrics you've chose. An hourglass border is running through my mind using three or four different triangles in each like you have here.
Stay safe and try to stay sane.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I do like your choice to go with hourglass units that are the same size. What a great mix of fabrics you have for this project!

I'm finding that I need more sleep right now to recharge, but I do hope that you find a rhythm that works for you and allows a bit more sewing time. I'm glad to hear that you and your family are all well.

patty a. said...

I noticed in the last picture that the yellow and white striped fabric forms a secondary design - a pinwheel. Don't know if you were going for that or not. Since I live alone the house is only as loud and busy as I make it.

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

As your life has filled , mine is Fairly quiet . Just finished quarantine after a trip away and a dashed flight home . Now i have decided i prefer to be in the house than out in the world , so I’m staying put. Plenty of time for me to sew if only my brain would settle . Keep well kaja , and those around you x

cspoonquilt said...

I like the color scheme a lot! And 14 square trianges are always a good start!! take care.

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh good you have started on your hourglass quilt and I love the colours, they play together so well.
I smiled at your observations on just what you had imagined yourself doing, I think perhaps a lot of us did also.
I decided I would spend the whole month dedicating my time to sewing machine but so far during the past week only five blocks have emerged! Perhaps the 30m minutes in the morning could be manageable?

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audrey said...

I am still cooking for three of my kids are they are living at home currently or just up the road. Dishwasher is still out of commission as well so there's more time spent washing up. Ughh.. Nice that they are here with us though instead of worrying about them elsewhere! Always so intriguing to see the very start of your next quilt, the seeds as it were. Best of luck finding a tiny bit of time to spend with your creative self.:)

Mary Marcotte said...

I like your hourglass blocks. The fabrics you chose look even better now that they are sewn together. I've noticed that you've put plaids and stripes next to each other and it works. I always thought they would compete or maybe run into each other, but no, it works well.

Doris said...

Love the colors of your fabric choice. Especially this purple. Which makes it very vivid.
Hope you are well and safe. For me no kids and grandkids at the moment so we have a very quiet life. But there are days I cannot bring myself to sew and do something useful. Have to instal a new routine.

liniecat said...

I realise in this lockdown phase how lucky I am living alone, no one that I might irritate and no one to irritate me lol
So I feel for those of you with other bodies in the house and am sure patience will be tested, let alone sewing being lowest on the list of things to maybe keep you sane!
I am sure these little blocks will be a pathway to sanity!!
Good luck lol

Maheen said...
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