Monday 16 September 2019

What hasn't worked and what might

I promised (if that's the right word) a succession of photos of stuff I haven't liked, so here you go.
First up flowery blocks alternating with blue blocks
 then with columns offset.
 Next up, a few rectangular blocks mixed in with the squares.
Up to this point there were things I didn't hate but nothing I wanted to make a whole quilt of.  Mostly I just seemed to have been producing inoffensive visual mush.  In the picture above though, I was drawn to those bigger areas of the fabric with the large blue pansy print (and yes, it was a shirt). Somehow they were interesting but restful at the same time and I need some calm amongst all that busyness.

So now I am adding those bits in on purpose, along with some darker blue bits the same shape.  Maybe that will create enough structure to keep me happy and if not, it feels like a start at least. I am also being very strict with my flowery bits and keep them surrounded by blue, rather than letting them run too much together.  Hmmm.  Whatever happens it looks like this quilt is not going to work the way I first expected.
Whatever made me think I could predict that anyway?


Libby in TN said...

Yeah, not your normal. But I know something great will evolve!

Anonymous said...

To me, the top combination looks like a wild garden. The bottom one looks like one of those gardens with boxwood hedges that create a labyrinth.

audrey said...

I really like how you're incorporating a level of calmness into your piece. That's one of the most interesting and sometimes frustrating parts of playing with printed fabric--finding the place where the eye can rest. Loving your little triangles of sparky color and then in other places, the much more subtle piecing at play. Always so interesting to read through your process.:)

Ann said...

This is the difficult time, when the fabrics that went well in small units don’t work together in larger ones. I like the diagonals of your second photo and could see a barn raising (diamond) shape for the quilt from that. And I think I had that same pansy fabric years ago. It’s beautiful.
I agree with the comment above that the layouts resemble wild and structured gardens. Perhaps you need some other garden features... walls, fences, espaliers.
Your butterflies make lovely sparkles. You will find a solution soon.

Doris Perlhuhn said...

I agree with Audrey about calmness. I like the last photo. For me these little butterflies are a bit too "silent". They fade in the background. But perhaps that´s what you wanted. I like to read about your process, always a lot to learn.

patty a. said...

Your process of un-mushing this is interesting. It is pretty low volume piece except for that navy background piece which I think adds that spark of contrast. Keep playing!

Mystic Quilter said...

I'm liking the layout in the very last photo Kaja and it doesn't always pay to try and predict, as I have found out a number of times!

Sandy Panagos said...

I doubt anyone could predict where you'll end up once you start playing! lol You're right about the rectangles. They add a lot.

Carli The Quilter said...

Its a tight rope between what is and what can be. As usual, you inspire me and love the honesty in your post.