Tuesday 2 July 2019

Checking in, catching up

Normal life has resumed and I am going to try hard not to take another three weeks to get back to blogging and blog reading.  That seems to have been  my pattern in the last year, pause...still pausing...slow, slow, slow return to normal.  This time I am back at the sewing, so I am now knuckling down to the blog-related end of things.

Here are a couple of quick update photos.  The first is how things looked when I first got my bits out of the box and laid them out
 and this is a smaller area, but all these bits are now sewn together.
I'm still doing a lot of shuffling around, mostly figuring out where I want the bigger crosses to sit in relation to each other.  Once I have the feel for that I am using smaller ones from my pile of ready-mades to fill in the gaps.  

It definitely feels like I am in the swing of it now and I am much happier.  In fact I am coming to like this slightly odd mix of colours a lot.  My only minor frustration is that I know I have one more strip of the tan/brown fabric somewhere: I came across it, realised it would be needed, put it somewhere safe, but not, unfortunately, somewhere obvious.  So I am spending a fair amount of time in unproductive searching. In the meantime I have switched to other fabrics, since every last inch of the original fabric has gone.  

In quieter moments I am also considering the next AHIQ challenge, which is up and running, for anyone who wants to join in.


Robin said...

Oh, I hope you can find the fabric soon. That is so frustrating! I lost part 10 to a 12 part pattern last year. I know I had it because of the comments my sister and I made when we saw it. I managed to finish that quilt (improv). I know I'll come across that part of the pattern someday. . . under a stack of fabrics or in a bin. It would have been so nice to find it when I needed it. Good Luck!

audrey said...

I am still fascinated by the pops of wonderful green in this quilt. Isn't it fun working with odd mixes of colors? It is one of my all time fave challenges to stretch myself in regards to color usage. Adds an extra little bit of zing to the process when I can make things 'work'.

patty a. said...

I am glad you are getting back into the swing of things. The quilt top is coming along wonderfully. I hope you find that piece of fabric. I think we have all been there - putting something in a safe place and then not being able to find it!

Ann said...

Oh, I know that feeling: setting something aside in that special safe place I can never find again. Perhaps the Borrowers took it. I blame them for my missing stuff.
Funny how much that tiny bit of green makes this quilt spectacular. A lesson to us all.

cspoonquilt said...

I love the soft colors of this project and the little birds peaking out here and there. The plus signs in the dark fab give it an interesting structure. I like it a lot!!! cheers,!

Mary Marcotte said...

I do that ALL the time! Put it away in a safe place and promptly forget where that place is. At the time, it all makes so much sense. It never makes sense when I'm searching and sometimes not even when I finally put my hands on the object.
Your quilt is coming along nicely. Now it's time to head over to AHIQ. See ya there.

Soma @ inkTorrents.com said...

You are making such great progress with this one. I hope you have found the fabric by now. It is really quite frustrating.