Monday, 15 July 2019

Not far to go

Today the good news is that I found my last strip of brown fabric.  It's not huge, (those tiles are 13" square, to give you an idea) but then I don't need much.  I could probably have coped without it, by using more of the black fabric, but it's good to have my options open.
I made this chunk, which I think is the bottom right-hand corner. 
I'm not tidying up the edges until I'm sure of what I'm doing...which might be something like this.
I need to get the position of the top cross just right.  If it's too low or too close to the central one it seems to make the whole thing feel a bit squat, though I am finding that the foreshortening that comes with taking photos on the floor makes it hard to demonstrate that with a picture.  Anyway, I know where I think it belongs so it's just a question of working backwards from that point to fill in the gaps.

Nearly there, I think.


Julierose said...

You've made a lot of progress--loving that bird fabric and the feather fabric,too--just enough for interest...hugs, Julierose

Robin said...

I think there's something contagious going on. I got out 2 pieces of fabric last week to send a picture to a friend. Now, I want to sew with it and it's nowhere to be found! Where did you find your brown fabric?

Janie said...

'A bit squat' does sound like a challenge to demonstrate. I'm sure you'll get it all sorted out and nicely balanced soon.
Yey, for finding the illusive brown piece, that's a relief!

audrey said...

So glad you found your missing piece of fabric. Whether you use it or not, it could have been a regret. This is looking amazing!!

Mystic Quilter said...

Gosh this is going to be a larger quilt than I had envisaged now you've mentioned the size of the tiles.
Good luck with solving the issue of where to position the large cross, I like your idea of working backwards!

patty a. said...

I am so glad you found that fabric. Every time you look at this quilt you will be reminded of misplacing that fabric! LOL!!!

CTNBEE said...

Good luck in work. I can not wait for the final result.

nancy said...

I am fascinated with your process and patience and willingness to allow time to work on your works and answer your questions. I have always been the opposite: impatient, fast, and focused on the outcome much too early. You may slowly be converting me!

JanineMarie said...

Yippee for found fabric!

Ann said...

Mixing crosses of those brown and black fabrics add a lot of depth to your quilt.

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