Sunday 15 February 2015

Back to the jeans

Having spent last weekend being social, it's been good to get back to my denim, which becomes the main thing I am working on for a bit, now that Inner City is in the quilting pile.

I've done a couple more pieces.  This one is tiny (just a pocket).  

I am taking quite a lot of pockets off as I go along, because I like to see the contrast between faded and still-new denim.  But I'll still use them somewhere, so stitched this one - something as tiny as this is done in next to no time! Very satisfying. 

Then I tackled the other half of the kids' jeans that I started here.  I just added one big patch and stitched all the way across it .

I really like the curve at the top of this patch:

I am also still playing around with all the pieces together, though reaching no firm conclusions.  I like the mix of heavily stitched and less densely worked pieces though.

Linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Sewing - lots of wonderful hand-stitching projects all in one place! Also with Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times.


Lisa J. said...

This is looking really good. I like the difference between pockets on and faded spots where pockets used to be.

audrey said...

The dense stitching is just incredible to me. Love the texture you are adding!

Ruth said...

Ooh am intrigued by how this is going to turn out - love how its looking so far!

Ramona said...

What a fun quilt you are making! There is so much to look at and the stitching is wonderful!

Mary Marcotte said...

That's exactly what I was hoping for...a picture of all of the denim pieces together! Thanks, I love them. It's interesting to look at the different textures and contrasts. That orange is perfect. These will make a great project. I you need to cut the pieces for your project, you may want to use your machine to stitch just inside the cutting line so the hand stitches don't come apart. I am excited for you to get started.

Stephie said...

Really love the visual excitement that the red and yellow patches add to the composition Kaja and the texture your getting with the simple stitching is lovely. Can't believe how quickly it's coming together!