Wednesday 28 January 2015

Inner city news

Finally, this seems to be moving along again. My machine broke, but the beauty of using an old one is that repairs are simple: in this case I just need to order a new belt.  In the meantime number 2 machine (a Singer 237) has stepped up to the mark just fine.  My brain, on the other hand, is jumping from one thing to another, as if all the ideas that had been stuck in transit were all arriving at once, and all demanding instant attention.  

So, I have been making more log cabin blocks to go across the top.  I want these to be darker than the central area so am omitting the three or four fabrics with a lot of white in them.  

At one and the same time I have been re-homing other left-overs in the bottom left.  Oh, and pinching one of my newly made log cabins in the process (see the gap up top).

Never mind, scattered thoughts notwithstanding I am feeling pretty cheerful about this right now.  


the zen quilter said...

This is a cool idea, I definitely see city blocks. And the red just makes it sing!

Turid said...

I love to follow the pregress here. Thanks for showing us.

Lara B. said...

The darker toned log cabin blocks look great around the perimeter Kaja! That cracks me up about your thoughts being stuck in transit and then arriving all at once - what a great way to put it.

JanineMarie said...

It's so much fun watching this quilt develop.

Rachel said...

It's interesting to see some more colors coming in. Is that red going to be another border all the way around, or just a vertical strip? I like how it's coming together along the bottom!