Wednesday 18 June 2014

Work on the wall

In the normal way of things I am working on two things at once: I'll be quilting one and piecing another.  You would think that the piecing would happen much faster than quilting (I hand quilt) but it doesn't seem to happen like that and for the last year or so I have managed to move smoothly from one quilt to the next.  As it happens I am almost at the changeover point on my latest projects.  Annie's quilt should be finished in the next couple of weeks and the one I'm piecing (call it Sue's Trees for now) just needs a back then it's ready to go.  

I want to wait until I've finished Annie's to share it here, so I thought I'd show you what's on my design wall, waiting to get going.  The lovely bird fabrics are from Birch Organics range of Charley Harper prints.  I had to search high and low to get these, having failed to notice them when they came out  - thank god for the wonderful Web.  I love his simple shapes and great colours. I'm itching to get moving on this one now.


Unknown said...

Charlie Harper is ace! I found some of his postcards in a shop in Manchester called Fred Aldous and gave them to one of my God-daughter's as part of her birthday present. I like the stripey stuff too.

Kaja said...

I love his simple shapes and strong colours - perfect for fabric really. I have some more prints hidden away and know there is a new range coming in the autumn too - yay!