Monday, 14 November 2016

And so it goes

I seem to have lost my rhythm a bit, with quilting and blogging; isn't it funny how sometimes it's easier to make yourself do something almost every day than once a week?  If I don't keep moving, I sort of  

Of course there are always good reasons for the disturbance to my patterns - this time it's just work stuff - but it still annoys me rather that I can't keep the rhythm going.  Ho hum.

Anyhow, another wee chunk got done this morning.  I have stopped panicking about how much fabric I have, as another root through my stash turned up a 25cm piece of the palest blue I have used and a different red/white gingham-y fabric, so they have been added to the pile and I'm pretty confident that will see me home. 

The red/blue/white triangles at the bottom here are actually three (or maybe four) different little sets, which I just slapped down to have a look, but the rest of this piece is stitched together now and I probably have enough cross blocks made to get me most of the way across the bottom.  I had thought I would need to add a bit at the top too, though not as much maybe, but I'll make a call once I've finished down here.  

In the meantime...

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  1. Isn't it surprising what you find in your fabric collection! Looking good!

  2. Love the color combos and look of this all around! :)

  3. I just found your blog and love the work that you create, especially this red, white and blue :)

  4. Lots of drama here.
    Nice contrast, red and white.

  5. Love this! Glad you found something that would work, you are almost there I think!

  6. This is really coming along. I know what you mean about rythm with quilting and blogging. I missed an entire week without noticing.

  7. So manny aspects to love about this quilt. I'm glad you found enough new scraps to finish it. Your red, white, and blues are so attractive. The red brightens it up, the white adds enough value change and.... wow, I love the blue variations. Thanks for sharing so many steps always no the way.


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