Friday, 30 January 2015

Urban sprawl

Now that I'm finally moving forward with this quilt, I have a tiny new problem: where to photograph it.  I have given up on my kitchen floor (big enough but too dark right now - remember the blurry photos?) and am now trying a conservatory (loads of light, but blooming freezing).  It is working okay, but in order to make a big enough space I have pretty much piled everything that was in there down one end. I balance on top of the pile to take the photos, but still can't avoid the table legs and bits of radiator that you can see in the pictures. Maybe that's where smaller pieces would win out.

Enough waffling though.  I have been busy making my dark log cabin blocks, and some other bits and pieces and in the process I had to acknowledge to myself that I have a shockingly short attention span. After about four or five blocks, I totally lose interest and have to switch to something else.  That would be why you will see a series of photos where it looks like I am working on the bottom chunk one minute and on the top the next.  

I am telling myself that this haphazard way of working is just how it is for me, and it does seem to work, but I had never noticed my low boredom threshold before.  (I like to think I am quite a patient person in other parts of my life, but not here it seems).

This picture, which is where I have got to as of this morning, illustrates this perfectly.  I have done a bit on the top, a bit on the bottom, a bit on the right-hand side...

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  1. Nice! I like how the red ties it all together

  2. It's very good.
    I have enjoyed seeing it grow.
    You could pin it to a blanket, and hang the blanket somewhere for a picture
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. Once quilts get to a certain size it can be hard to find good places to photograph them. You are making nice progress!

  4. Thanks so much for the positive comments on my recent installation. It means a lot to me. I very much like your work, color sense, and especially your hand stitching!

  5. Your process is so interesting. Love to see this quilt progress.:) I too have a low boredom threshold occasionally. Guess that's why I jump around from quilt to quilt so much!

  6. Well whatever your attention span Kaja - your final results are always worthwhile! I've had trouble staying focused lately too. Maybe it's just because it is winter, with not being able to get out and get a good walk in to settle ourselves down.

  7. No matter...bit by bit, it is getting done. This sort of makes me laugh, though. I used to like having three projects going at once: planning one, sewing one, and quilting/finishing one. Lately, I tend to work on one project until it's done. This week, however, I'm finding myself working on two projects and I can't seem to work up steam on either, so I end up looking at everyone else's work online. I'm with Lara. Maybe it's because it's winter. As good of an excuse as any.

  8. I totally hear you on the low boredom threshold/short attention span thing. But your progress on this quilt is proof that your method works. It's looking great. So fun to see the neighborhood develop!


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