Monday, 26 January 2015

Making time in the city

Having complained about slow progress last time I reported on this quilt I have given myself a stern talking to and found some time to keep it ticking along.  

I have sewn on the strips on the left-hand side and have started to work on the next chunk to go across the bottom.  I have pulled apart some pieces I had sewn together earlier in the piece and am playing around to see if I can find them new spots  (they are the piece in bottom left hand corner and then the next chunk with the four little squares across the bottom: originally they were joined together).

I'm also thinking about where I am going to add the next red strips/border. This is where I'm at right now.

Will link today with Monday Makers over at Aylin-Nilya's and Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times.


  1. The red Frame inside the top is great!

  2. I really like how this is coming together! I really enjoy looking at the quilt top and picking out blocks or patterns.

  3. Beautiful quilt! Love all those red pops. ;)

  4. Hi!!!! I also love your quilt!!!!! It is really beautiful!!!!! Can't wait to see it finished!!!!

  5. You've really made some headway! It looks great! I'm curious whether you will make all four sides the same or whether you'll go quirky with different sizes/widths. I have a feeling, but I'm not going to influence you!

  6. love
    it is so dramatic! The little pieces, the red! Are you keeping an eye out to how to quilt it??

  7. This is coming along so that it is even more striking Kaja! Your son is going to totally LOVE this quilt! I too love the way the reds play off all the rest of the fabrics. It is fascinating to watch your process. I don't know anyone else who quilts like you do - amazing!

  8. The red strips are really making the other solid colors show up. How interesting.


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